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Rapid Data Lake Management and Orchestration Platform

Develop, Deploy, Run and Monitor enterprise data pipelines in minutes using Needletail

The white-throated needletail (Hirundapus caudacutus), also known as needle-tailed swift or spine-tailed swift, is a large swift in the genus Hirundapus. It is reputed to reach speeds of up to 170 km/h (105 mph) in horizontal flight

Needletail Platform Core Capabilities

  • Metadata driven

  • Model driven

  • Specification driven automatic code generation

  • Conversational tools to assist in data management pipeline development

  • Platform agnostic data processing engine

  • Supports both on-prem and cloud deployments

  • Cloud provider agnostic architecture

  • Persistent metadata store for all data

  • Automatic schema discovery and model inference

  • Integrated data quality and governance

  • Integrated data lineage tracking

  • Data profiling and cleansing

  • Flexible job orchestration engine

  • scheduled/on-demand execution

  • Support for disparate data sources and sinks

  • Vast collection of data transformation operators

  • Built-in schema validation support

  • Easy to configure data standardization capabilities

  • Best practices based data lake design

  • Comprehensive metrics collection and reporting

  • Searchable data catalog

  • Built-in security and data privacy

  • Automatic data classification, tagging and auditing

  • Metadata driven data anonymization

  • Automatic generation of Jupyter notebooks

  • Support for information life cycle management

  • Operational monitoring and reporting

  • Data consumption API

Needletail Platform Key Differentiators

  • State of the art data lake design

  • Ease of development –  Specification driven data lake development

  • Speed of implementation – start using the lake in hours and days instead of months and years

  • One click data processing pipeline generation through automatic model inference and code generation

  • Well integrated with enterprise development best practices like SCM, QA, CI/CD, etc.

  • Integrated  solution with end to end data management capabilities

  • Ability to run on multiple data processing engines

  • Integrated development tools with conversational capabilities – robotic transformation of intents to working solutions

  • Conversational interface to monitor and manage data processing pipelines

  • Out of the box blueprint for popular cloud providers

  • Data scientist friendly platform with well integrated Jupyter notebook support

  • Graphical visualization of data processing pipelines and graphical runtime monitoring and status tracking

Needletail Platform Architecture

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